\krē-ˈā-tivs\  informal plural noun – people whose job involves creative work.



Taken at his Atelier in the heart of Altona, Hamburg, the world renowned Italian artist gave me a glimpse into his wild and wonderful world. From painting to sculpture to lithography you can truly call Bruno a Renaissance Man.


The studio of Susanne is a treasure trove of amazing fabrics and colours combined with elegant design simplicity. She not only spends time in her Eppendorf studio, but also teaches Textile Design at the Design University of Hamburg.


The Hutmanufaktur has been making handmade hats since the late 80's.  One might say that it is a dying art, however, for Peter it is a lifetime passion. Bending, stretching, pulling and manipulating fabric to create something unique was a mind-blowing experience. Peter is a rare talent and his gentle character was simply a bonus!


The Family Klemann includes Benjamin, his wife Magrit and their 2 sons Lennart & Vincent. Benjamin has started a family tradition that will be handed down for many generations to come. Each pair of shoes is not only hand but custom-made for their clientele. It makes me so happy to see a family working together in such a way, it reminds me of home. 


Tucked away on a side street behind the famous Atlantic Hotel, the studio of Sandro's bespoke suits are amongst the most coveted menswear in the city. The incredible detail involved in their construction left me with a new found respect for these pieces of art. Oh and the fabric, the beautiful reams of silk and wool. WOW!


Together, Matteo and Sezuki have more than 40 years combined experience painting people! Putting someone at ease is no easy feat when you're about to spend hours and hours piercing their flesh. I mean c'mon all I have to do is compose a shot and press a button ;)


Hannes took over Master Lehmann's Ironworks nearly a decade ago and has carried on a great tradition of delivering beautifully crafted one-off pieces. These range from handrails to giant gates and immense conservatories. Whilst you may think a blacksmith's work is rough and brutal, these pieces are far from that.

CUNEO 1905

In the heart of St. Pauli just off the Reeperbahn you will find one of Hamburg's oldest running Italian restaurants. Handed down through the generations, Franca is now running the show. A stylish and elegant subject, combined with the restaurants ambient backdrop, these shots were a pleasure to take.


The one thing you can say about Hendrik is that he is a connoisseur! Master Sommelier, Wine Critic, and Internet/TV sensation, he has a larger than life personality that spills into every conversation, even when talking about the weather. His passion goes beyond the bottle, to those that craft the wine. Just check out his site "Wein am Limit".


Taken exclusively for the Hamburger Magazine, these all were done in just a day! The Poolstr. starts just across the street from the Laeiszhalle and is merely a block long. However short though, this street has some real gems. Hej Papa, Gudberg Nerger and ... were all wonderfully welcoming.